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We offer you a unique workout atmosphere, with quality equipment, wide open space, daylight, powerful color contrast and plant life.



Go Fitness has a unique club design with wide open space, bright daylight from our tall windows, great color contrasts and plant life. The combination gives you a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere to conduct your workout. We care about you as a single individual. Our instructors are ready to guide you safely and efficient through your fitness journey.

Paulina Frydrych Fitness Instructor
Gosia Szelkowska Fitness Instructor
Magdalena Maćkowiak Fitness Instructor
Patrycja Ptasińska Personal Trainer
Patryk Uznanski Personal Trainer
Patryk Ogar Personal Trainer
Mateusz Wiliński Personal Trainer

Go FITNESS in numbers

100 m
Public Transport
30 min
from city center
512 m2
Go Fitness space



The Polish fitness market is rapidly moving toward the international standard, offering cheap prices with close to zero customer service. Go Fitness represents the personal alternative.

In Go Fitness we engage with all clients on a personal yet professional level. Our personal trainers / fitness instructors / receptionists are all highly educated, this ensures a comfortable, safe and efficient fitness experience.

We want to inspire as many people as possible to start a healthier lifestyle today! You set your own goals, whether it’s to build muscle, lose weight, or simply stay active and healthy, Go Fitness is the place to be.

We regularly upload educational posts to our social media page Facebook, about exercising methods and healthy nutrition. We invite you to join our online community.

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